hey guys! i'm right here! i know it's been a long long time since i have done a good job updating my blog. i have a lot of excuses, mainly related to working and yoga and traveling but they all sort of come back to netflix instant view.   i was sick over thanksgiving and … Continue reading apologology


like whoa

i'm pretty sure we might be experiencing the end of times.  my plane is delayed 2 hours.  or maybe an hour.  or maybe canceled.  or whatever. i really want to go home just so i can be there.  but i guess eugene might be a better place to wait out the apocalypse.  my main friend … Continue reading like whoa


things of note from the last day and 1/8th: 1. i bought a blow-dryer. 2. on the way to buy the blow-dryer i ended up almost in the middle of two undercover cops busting some gangster kids.  at least i hope they were undercover cops because they pulled a gun on the kids.  i turned … Continue reading reflexes

go america!

i'm not sure why veterans' day was a thursday.  can someone explain this to me?  my brain is not currently functioning at top levels, even though i went to bed at 9:30 last night for real.  i need some extra vitamins. my mom called me twice last night to check that i was alive which … Continue reading go america!