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hey guys! i’m right here! i know it’s been a long long time since i have done a good job updating my blog. i have a lot of excuses, mainly related to working and yoga and traveling but they all sort of come back to netflix instant view.   i was sick over thanksgiving and […]

like whoa

i’m pretty sure we might be experiencing the end of times.  my plane is delayed 2 hours.  or maybe an hour.  or maybe canceled.  or whatever. i really want to go home just so i can be there.  but i guess eugene might be a better place to wait out the apocalypse.  my main friend […]

blueugene bloregon

here are some pictures of my trip to eugene so far.  not a complete record.  for example, my mom isn’t in any of these and neither are my grandmas or the hotel room or my current desire to move to country that doesn’t celebrate christmas.  happy boxing day! silly band destruction, by the adorable 2 […]

triple double

this may be one of the worst pictures i have ever taken of myself.  and yet, i put it on the internet.  you should know i am capable of making this face.  someone should know. i am going to eugene tomorrow so i am listening to girl talk, trying to find some secret messages, cleaning […]

are you ready for this?!!

book launch!  dec 11th! i want to get a sweet dress.  i am refusing to shop today though so instead i am doing things like making smaller versions of the flier (see above) and cleaning out my pantry.  does anyone need lentils?  why in the name of god to i have so many god damn […]


things of note from the last day and 1/8th: 1. i bought a blow-dryer. 2. on the way to buy the blow-dryer i ended up almost in the middle of two undercover cops busting some gangster kids.  at least i hope they were undercover cops because they pulled a gun on the kids.  i turned […]

go america!

i’m not sure why veterans’ day was a thursday.  can someone explain this to me?  my brain is not currently functioning at top levels, even though i went to bed at 9:30 last night for real.  i need some extra vitamins. my mom called me twice last night to check that i was alive which […]