are you ready for this?!!

book launch!  dec 11th!

i want to get a sweet dress.  i am refusing to shop today though so instead i am doing things like making smaller versions of the flier (see above) and cleaning out my pantry.  does anyone need lentils?  why in the name of god to i have so many god damn lentils?  and do lentils go bad?

yesterday was an interesting thanksgiving.  jade and i went to yoga and then went to our respective homes, got ready, met up again and went to jessie’s in berkeley.  it was super nice.  her mom was there, her bf, some friends.  basically a really good time, some strong gin and tonics and some amazing food.  seriously, what was with the food?  it was crazy good.  we all brought stuff.  i brought the delicious garbage balls which i ate the remnants of for breakfast.  i haven’t over-eaten like that for awhile and i NEVER do it on thanksgiving.  i usually don’t love ALL THE FOOD SO MUCH.  god i felt horrible later.  but i also felt for once like a true american.

maybe i should go shopping today.

otherwise there was a little inter-personal drama.  you know how it goes.  i’ve been a little emotional lately and i hate to say it but it is probably for girl-related reasons.  lame.  i like to think everything i feel is pure and straight from reality to my brain, not straight from chemicals to my brain.  i guess everything we feel is chemical anyway.  kind of depressing.  oh, you’re depressed?  it’s just chemicals.  brains are crazy.  last night someone was talking about a girl who is like 18 but still a baby because her brain never told her body to grow up.  silly brain.

(20 minutes break to look this up.  uh, no thank you.  this seems quite horrible to me.  plus according to wikipedia, this girl has 2 million health issues.  is it possible there have been lots of other babies with this crazy and distressing condition that have died from all the complications?  why doesn’t 20/20 mention the health issues.  oh man.)

anyway, brains are silly, thanksgiving is good, even though i missed my family.  but i will see them soon!  more reason to come to the book launch!  meet my family!  including 2 grandmas!

okay, time to get dressed.  don’t go out there and buy stuff.  don’t let the man tell you what to do.