on beating kurt cobain

now we are having a heat wave and i have officially lived longer than kurt cobain, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, jim morrison, JONATHAN BRANDIS, the elephant man and pat tillman.  advice for 27 year olds who want to stay alive like me: avoid heroin, suicide, wars and strange diseases.

my birthday was very nice.  my boss made some sort of ribbon/toilet paper bomb and set it off in my cubicle.  i went to yoga and then a bunch of my friends met me at the best place in the universe, el metate, where we celebrated my birthday.  i even got my burrito AND a mexican coke free, after i told the owner (my bff in the neighborhood practically) that it was my birthday.  after, frozen yogurt, enjoying the hot night and then a couple drinks with my new medical exchange student.  i have good luck with people in my home lately.  actually, just today i was thinking, i used to think there were no nice people but lately it’s been ALL THE PEOPLE ARE NICE PEOPLE.

i made out like a bandit with presents, if you are wondering: mattress, the book i wanted, TICKETS TO GO SEE MUMFORD AND SONS, a c4 hamster, a hand-knit necklace, handmade wooden grizzly-wolverine-koala head now mounted on my wall.

all in all the kind of nice, mellow birthday, full of friends, that a 28 year old who isn’t addicted to heroin might dream of.  next week is shaping up to be bananas.  3 readings, jury duty and a van morrison concert.  i’m feeling okay about my life.  things are happening.  it’s all we could have hoped for.