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This story is in my book Monster Party. I also made a book, with my friend Pete Hickok, of the story. The illustration is the first page of that book. I wrote this story probably in 2009. After the whole thing went down, the tidal wave, which we told you about and the earthquake, the fires […]

True Life: I Was On TV Today

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Fantasy Football Logo

I am playing Fantasy Football with the hope of tearing down the system from inside. Or at least winning. Here’s one logo option I am working on for my team.

For my grandma, Joan Acker

My grandma died earlier this summer. Here is what I read at her memorial. I figured I should say something about my grandma today because, while she was a lot of things to a lot of people, she wasn’t a grandma to a lot of girls. She had three sons and only one of them […]

I’m Writing for The Oregonian Now!!

Hey friends, welcome to the future! You can tell it’s the future because I am writing for The Oregonian now! Exciting, right? Here’s a piece I wrote today about how we can start solving our rape problem. I know, super light. And if you want to read even more of the stuff I write, here’s […]

In Which I Talk About Stuff

I’ve been on a few podcasts in the last few months and guess what, you should listen to ’em. Here you go. I talk Lady Things on the Queen of Quirky and Friends Podcast! Listen to me on Shuffle Podcast! Listen to me on my second time out on Matt and Aaron Make a Podcast! […]

Read Lady Things!

So I started a new column online at Willamette Week called “Lady Things.” Here’s the “Editor’s Note” (I wrote it okay–I am technically an editor): Editor’s note: Did you know more than 50 percent of the population is born with female genitalia? And that a lot of those people grow up to identify as female, […]