Outline For A Story About How My Boyfriend Is Actually A Giant Bedbug

The Tusk


Sometimes people ask me: “How do you make it as a successful writer? Where does your inspiration come from? HOW IS YOUR GENIUS SAUSAGE MADE?!” So here’s a look behind the scenes, at my process. Copyright Lizzy Acker. You’re welcome.

  • My legs itched for two years. I thought it was the lotion I was using.
    Then another lotion. Then my pants. Then the air. Then I thought it was normal.
  • I thought, “Maybe I just get hives now??”
  • I thought, “There is no possible way I have bedbugs.”
  • The leg itching followed me from San Francisco to Portland.
    My bed, and the wooden pallet a friend has given me which made me feel SO GROWN UP BECAUSE MY MATTRESS WAS NO LONGER ON THE FLOOR, also followed me.
  • During this two year period, I was the only person who slept in my bed for any longer than one night in…

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