The Bee-Eyed Girl: A Sci-Fi Erotica Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

The Tusk

This year for our reading at AWP, I decided to read an old, old story that I wrote when I was an undergrad. It is, as the title says, a sci-fi erotica choose-your-own-adventure. When I turned this in for class, my teacher said: “This sex scene makes it seem like you’ve never had sex.” At that point in my life, I basically had not. Anyway, because I was kind of a dick, instead of revising the story I kept doing things like making it into a book or making it into an illustrated website. The website is probably 10 years old and at this point I have no idea what the login info is so it will probably live forever on WordPress. Because during the reading I was only able to read one path through the story, I’ve decided to share the rest with you, starting with the intro here.

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