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Fleetwood Mac Friday #14: “Landslide”

Originally posted on The Tusk:
I would never, ever say “Landslide” is my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Never. That’s like saying your favorite Mexican restaurant is the first Mexican restaurant you ever ate at, as a kid, the family style one, where you always ordered cheeseburgers. “Landslide” is intro Fleetwood Mac. Basic. Beginner level. This…

Me on Mortified!!

Hey dudes! I was on Mortified and you should totally absolutely right now be listening! Here you go!

Outline For A Story About How My Boyfriend Is Actually A Giant Bedbug

Originally posted on The Tusk:
Sometimes people ask me: “How do you make it as a successful writer? Where does your inspiration come from? HOW IS YOUR GENIUS SAUSAGE MADE?!” So here’s a look behind the scenes, at my process. Copyright Lizzy Acker. You’re welcome. My legs itched for two years. I thought it was…

David Letterman Isn’t That Great

Originally posted on The Tusk:
Look, I don’t want to be a total buzzkill but here it is: David Letterman is just…whatever, you know? Amongst all these Best of David Letterman crap fests flying around the internet for the last million years it seems like, I am surprised there seems to be so little shoulder shrugging…

Analysis: Stress Dreams I Have Had Recently

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Today is my first day at a new and exciting job and I am terrified. I mean, I don’t feel terrified, I feel vaguely nervous, but I’ve been having an unusual number of dreams that cause me to awaken in a panic, while it is still dark outside. Change is hard,…

The Bee-Eyed Girl: A Sci-Fi Erotica Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

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This year for our reading at AWP, I decided to read an old, old story that I wrote when I was an undergrad. It is, as the title says, a sci-fi erotica choose-your-own-adventure. When I turned this in for class, my teacher said: “This sex scene makes it seem like…

We Probably Shouldn’t Trust Andrew Jarecki

Originally posted on The Tusk:
All afternoon I felt a sort of unsettled distress and I couldn’t quite pinpoint it–it was beyond the usual work stress, commuting stress, family stress: a disturbance in the field. And then in the shower I suddenly remembered: I went on a deep Capturing the Friedmans dive this morning and the stench…