the good news

1. the mountain goats were on the colbert report last week. this means: stephen colbert is still genius; a person i said sort of mean things to in a fit of awkward celebrity shock (the bass player, i asked him why they were all into “acid jazz” now) was on sweet and famous tv show with a guy who openly made fun of president bush to his face which basically means i did (that is the chain of negativity–quantum physics–deal with it); and the mountain goats have a new ablum! about the bible! let’s go out and buy it!

2. i had an eye exam today and my prescription in one of my eyes GOT BETTER. is that possible? after years of worse and worse eyes, finally, reverse.

3. i wasn’t going to say anything about this because, you know, fear of jinxes, but i’ve heard a person in charge has been mentioning it in grocery stores and i guess i can’t get the word out too early, right? get excited. my collection of short stories called monster party is getting published by small desk press. i don’t know when it is coming out yet but don’t worry. i will keep you appraised of the situation. i am fully 1000% stoked about this. i mean, a book. by me. PUBLISHED. my cousin erica thinks i should get the number, you know the real official number they put on books number, tattooed under oregon on my chest.

i’ve been so excited about this and thinking about it so much i’ve been having trouble sleeping. i need to set some sort of calming intention during yoga tomorrow. staying up late watching tv on hulu is helping with the exhaustion. i mean, i’m exhausted.

so that’s the news. i’m trying not to be too exuberant about it but still want people to know so they can start thinking about how bad they are going to want to buy it. and how bad they are going to want to tell all their friends. tell all your friends! goodnight!

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  1. wow!!!! i will buy this! congratulations, lizzy! i just told otis and you need to let us know when it's coming out and how to get it and all that jazz. huzzah!

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